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A heartwarming story awaits you to fight off the midwinter cold! This Logic Rockstar Illustration original goods depicts a cute girl stuffing herself with taiyaki in the middle of winter. Ahead of her cute gaze, there's a boy she's interested in! A moment foreshadows the beginning of a new love.
This illustration is full of wintery vibes. The sight of a cute girl forgetting the cold and enjoying Taiyaki warms the hearts of those who see it. After overcoming the cold, she finds a boy's smile that captivates her eyes. I'm curious about the love story that lies ahead.
The design of these original goods is beautiful. Great attention has been paid to every detail, including the girl's adorable expression, the cute design of the taiyaki, and the snow-inspired background. Available in various items such as coffee cups and tote bags, they are perfect for yourself or as a gift.
This winter, why not immerse yourself in the happy feeling of being surrounded by a suspicion of love? These cute illustration original goods are sure to brighten up your winter story. Please get your hands on it and enjoy the heart-warming winter!

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